September seasonal Box (X Large)

September seasonal Box (X Large)

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Our seasonal box is made up of local seasonal veg to create the perfect Norfolk Veg Box. Contents changes weekly as the seasons changes

Week commencing 28th September

  • Bunched carrots x 2 local

  • Cavernero local 200g

  • Sweet corn x 3 local

  • Harlequin squash

  • Cabbage pointed  local

  • Leeks 1kg

  • Spring onions - local

  • Romanesco - local

  • Spinach x 1 pre packed

  • Red pepper x 1

  • Sungold tomatoes 400g  local


Large jacket potatoes x 5

Strawberries 400g local x 1

White onions x 1kg

Red onions x 1kg

Garlic x 1

Celery local

Important Info

This Veg Box is a set box, but please contact us if you would prefer other produce and we'll do our best to accommodate (*subject to availability). Please note our photos don't show the exact quantities or contents. Now and then (like when the weather’s gone wonky) we may have to send you a different products.