Favourites Box (Large)

Favourites Box (Large)

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Week commencing the 27th of September

Containing the most popular items from our store, this is an ideal box if you’d like a large amount of variety. Changing contents each week, you might just find a new favourite!


This week’s box contains:

  • Norfolk grown bunch of carrots
  • Norfolk grown broccoli x 500g
  • Norfolk grown leeks x 500g
  • Pak choi x 200g
  • Norfolk grown sweetcorn x 2
  • Norfolk grown new potatoes x 1kg
  • Large oranges x 3
  • Pink lady apples x 1kg
  • Nectarines x 4
  • British grown conference pears x 500g
  • Norfolk free range eggs x dozen


Please note that our photos do not show the exact box of that week, sometimes we have to substitute items – especially when the weather goes wrong!